Prescriber's Letter Journal Club from TRC Healthcare

Welcome to the new Prescriber's Letter Journal Club from TRC Healthcare. Prescriber's Letter Journal Club provides concise, summarized findings from the latest medication therapy literature for review and discussion. Through the TRC Prescriber's Letter Journal Club, we hope to help Residency Programs stay current and support evidence-based learning through focused discussions on new findings; help to develop skills for evaluating medical literature and, ultimately, to aide your efforts to improve patient care by incorporating evidence into practice.

Apply today: Click either "Leader Notes" (Residency Director or Faculty) or "Participant Notes" (Residents in an eligible program) on the right to submit your application.

How it works: Each month Prescriber's Letter Journal Club publishes a new Journal Club Discussion Topic and Notes for both Participants and Leaders. New monthly topics will be posted, and both Participants and Leaders will receive a notification when new topics are available. Your residency program must be an eligible and approved program with at least one eligible program leader to be activated in Journal Club from TRC.

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Leader Notes: (faculty only)
Includes ready-to-go answers to each guided question, practical analysis of study pros and cons, and a case study by contributing editors.

Participant Subscription: (residents only)
Include guided questions, references, and links to accompanying Prescriber's Letter articles, charts and more.