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Preceptor Training & Resource Network

Preceptor Training & Resource Network is one of the many value-added benefits provided by Therapeutic Research Center. 

The Goal

The goal of the Preceptor Training and Resource Network is to provide a platform to easily connect pharmacists to teaching resources, preceptor training programs, and help Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy enhance the precepting offered by the pharmacists who participate in the program.

The Challenges

  • Pharmacists need training to be a preceptor.
  • Pharmacists need materials and tools to meet schools'/colleges' preceptor requirements.
  • Pharmacists accept students from multiple schools/colleges and need each of their training and materials.
  • Schools/Colleges need trained preceptors and sites.
  • Schools/Colleges need to provide training and materials to each preceptor in a timely manner.
  • Schools/Colleges need documentation that pharmacists have completed preceptor training.

The Solution

The Preceptor Training and Resource Network:

  • Pharmacists can use it to get what they need from each college...right when they need it… all from one website.
  • Colleges can use it to provide their specific evaluation forms, calendars, student assignments, preceptor training, and more.

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