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A Gift for You


Investing in the future of pharmacy, today and tomorrow

Pharmacy Student Gift Subscription

TRC Healthcare's goal is to enhance the quality of pharmacy education and support your career mission of improving the quality of patient care. We believe safer, more effective care starts by empowering leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, we are proud to offer a Pharmacist’s Letter  student subscription to all U.S. pharmacy students. Why Pharmacist's Letter? The robust "Clinical Resources" and Pharmacy Journal Club "Teachable Moments" resources are just the beginning.


Clinical Resources Clinical Resources

Pharmacist’s Letter complements your curriculum by providing evidence-based recommendations and educational materials on medication therapy and medication management. Learn why it is trusted by more than 85% of pharmacists in the U.S.

Teachable Moments Teachable Moments

Pharmacist's Letter Journal Club provides an easy way to connect faculty and pharmacists to teaching resources and materials. Monthly training topics include instructor keys and student handouts. Your faculty member can contact us for more details on how to register your school.



"Thank you for Pharmacist's Letter. I used it all throughout my 6 years at Ohio Northern University. I just recently subscribed, as I felt even after graduating only 18 months ago, I was forgetting or not staying on top of new research and recommendations. Thank you for the information and of course, the CE with reporting. Keep up the great work and thank you for helping our profession."

Michael P. Flynn, PharmD

Fill out the form below to activate your pharmacy student gift subscription to Pharmacist's Letter, courtesy of TRC Healthcare. No credit card needed:


TRC Healthcare will not sell or distribute personal information provided for registration. This information is used for account and product notifications and to measure the value of providing services like this to students. Students registering for this free gift subscription may receive notifications of student and new graduate activities and opportunities, including invitations to attend events, and to provide feedback and input.