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Pharmacist's Letter Journal Club

Pharmacist's Letter Journal Club is designed for college/school of pharmacy use in advancing evidence-based pharmacy education. 

By participating in Pharmacist's Letter Journal Club, each month you will receive new Participant Notes on select topics. These notes include guided questions, references and links to accompanying Pharmacist's Letter articles, charts and more.


"Thank you for Pharmacist's Letter. I used it all throughout my 6 years at Ohio Northern University. I just recently subscribed, as I felt even after graduating only 18 months ago, I was forgetting or not staying on top of new research and recommendations. Thank you for the information and of course, the CE with reporting. Keep up the great work and thank you for helping our profession."

Michael P. Flynn, PharmD

Fill out the form below to activate your subscription to Pharmacist's Letter Journal Club, courtesy of TRC Healthcare. No credit card needed: