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Our Editorial Process

What truly makes TRC’s content unique is our editorial process.

We don’t just pull the latest news from the web or re-purpose existing content, we bring together a group of leading advisors from a variety of clinical disciplines to review background material on hot topics and then dissect, debate, deliberate, and decide upon the clinical recommendations that are ultimately published in our Letters.

For weeks prior to each monthly session, the editorial research team prepares background materials for the Recommendations Panel. Researchers analyze studies, literature, treatment guidelines, and new reports for each topic. They involve dozens of experts from our Specialty Consultants Panel who put the facts into perspective. These facts then lay the groundwork for the Panel's deliberations. This is when the real fun begins; when the Panel blends all the science with good practical clinical acumen.

The discussions can get impassioned to the point of table pounding, but it's all amongst colleagues who enjoy and respect each other. The end result...the editorial process produces respected recommendations and practical advice that our readers trust and put into practice every day to improve the quality of care they deliver to patients.

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