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Antibiotics: Are Shorter Courses Better?

On-Demand Webinar
Shorter Courses of Anitbiotics On-demand image.jpg

We’ve been taught to use longer courses of antibiotics to prevent relapse and limit resistance. But more experts are saying shorter antibiotic courses are better, since they often work as well for many infections and are less likely to lead to resistance.

This month we are pleased to bring you a discussion about prescribing shorter courses of antibiotics. You’ll hear Dr. Brad Spellberg, Chief Medical Officer at LAC+USC Medical Center; our editors; and other frontline providers give their perspective on:

  • How are recommended antibiotic durations usually determined?
  • What infections might be appropriate for shorter courses of antibiotics?
  • How can you decide if it’s okay to use a shorter antibiotic course?
  • Is it practical to prescribe shorter courses of antibiotics?

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