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Preventing Falls in Elderly Patients

On-Demand Webinar


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There's a new, pressing focus on preventing falls in elderly patients due in part to emerging emphasis from the CDC and other agencies. The underlying motivation?  Recent analysis shows one in four people age 65 and older will fall every year, leading to about 7 million injuries and over 27,000 deaths.

This TRC Hot Topic webinar features a discussion on screening older patients for fall risk, and will share practical tips to prevent falls in the elderly. Our featured panelist is Dr. William Simpson, Professor Emeritus at Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Simpson, our TRC editors and frontline providers will give their perspective on:

  • How should seniors be screened for falls?
  • What screening tool should be used to access fall risk?
  • How should meds be adjusted in patients with fall risks?
  • What are nondrug measures to reduce the risk of falls?
  • Does Vitamin D significantly reduce the risk of falls?

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