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Integrated Search from TRC Healthcare

Get seamless, simultaneous search results from your Letter product and Natural Medicines.

New for you: seamless searching for natural medicines

Experience simultaneous searching between TRC Healthcare Letter products and Natural Medicines: search the Letter and you’ll instantly see both results for the Letter and highlighted results from Natural Medicines. And, when you subscribe to both products, you can navigate between all search results with ease.

Plus, get 10% off Natural Medicines when you add it to your personal Letter subscription.

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NM Search Integration

About Therapeutic Research Center

Therapeutic Research Center (TRC), home of Pharmacist's Letter and Natural Medicines, is dedicated to providing care providers with the latest evidence-based, unbiased recommendations on new developments in drug therapy, natural medicines, and integrative therapies. In addition to our trusted web-based recommendations and printed letters, we also offer hundreds of CE courses, Live CE/CME webinars, and resource documents that expand on our recommendations.