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We're better together.

TRC and Natural Standard will combine efforts to help healthcare providers communicate with patients about their use of natural medicines, alternative modalities, diets and exercise to improve overall health outcomes. Together the organizations will give healthcare professionals who focus on medication therapy management (MTM) the best web and mobile resources to confidently counsel patients on both prescription and integrative therapies to reduce medication errors and help patients maintain optimal health and wellness. Natural Standard’s expertise in the area of integrative medicine combined with TRC’s number-one position in delivering drug therapy recommendations will provide pharmacists and prescribers with a single comprehensive resource to aid in reconciling complete patient medication history profiles including drugs, supplements and special diets.

Therapeutic Research Center Growth

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What should customers expect?
In the near term, all products and services will continue to be provided by the same client services and account management representatives that our customers know and depend on today. Over time, we will be merging sales and client services so that all customers can benefit from the combined full service solution. Natural Standard content will be the company’s primary content for natural medicines and we will be moving to one product. Customers will be informed as the integrated product becomes available and we will migrate users over to the new product in 2013.

What are plans for the long-term?
We will be working to develop an integrated natural therapies product with intelligent connectivity to the company’s drug therapy recommendations. In 2013, customers should expect to receive the same high-quality service from their individual account management and sales representatives. As new services become available, TRC and Natural Standard joint teams will be providing information on new services and will be scheduling presentations with customers.

Will prices be increasing?
When a product is enhanced and a new version is distributed, there may be some type of price increase. That is the normal course of business and it sustains our development efforts and support of the resources used to enhance the product. As new services are developed by the combined company, our sales and account teams will be working together to present value-added services to our customers.

What are the benefits of the acquisition to the healthcare community?
Our job over the next several months, as we develop combined products and services, is to sustain and nurture the strong ties that both companies have developed with pharmacies, hospitals, physicians and consumers over the years. Our goal is to build on the excellent work of both companies and take our services and products to a new level.

If I have any questions about the acquisition or concerns regarding support, who do I contact?
If you are a Natural Standard customer, use the Natural Standard number [617.591.3300] or contact memberservices@naturalstandard.com.


If you are a TRC customer, use the TRC number [209.472.2240] or contact your client executive.


Is there a place where I can find additional information about the merger?
Yes. Therapeutic Research Center has provided details on the merger on our website. Simply go to http://info.therapeuticresearch.com/mergerpressrelease.


Will there be a benefit for me? 

Together the companies will offer best of breed content and clinical decision support services in both the traditional and integrative medicine space. Based on user feedback, our current natural medicines content offering is superior to that of any other natural medicines information provider. Blinded review of monographs is conducted by multidisciplinary research-clinical faculty at major academic centers with expertise in epidemiology and biostatistics, pharmacology, toxicology, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) research, and clinical practice. In cases of editorial disagreement, a three-member panel of the Editorial Board addresses conflicts, and consults experts when applicable. Authors of studies are contacted when clarification is required. Further, we assist our retail partners in selling more products by using our content to explain why certain brands may be more safe and effective than others.


The two entities combined will offer extended hours of operations and representatives on both coasts to make meetings and engagements easy for our clients.