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    Helping pharmacists, technicians, and prescribers reduce medication errors and improve care delivery by publishing the most trusted, unbiased, evidence-based recommendations on drug therapy and medication management.

    Therapeutic Research Center, home of Pharmacist’s LetterPrescriber's Letter, and Pharmacy Technician's Letter,  is the leading advisory service on new developments in drug therapy, medication management, and dispensing. Learn more about how our peer-reviewed content comes to life.

  • Pharmacist's Letter

    Pharmacist’s Letter – Delivering 30 years of trusted, peer-reviewed education, guidance, and recommendations on drug therapy and medication management.

    Over 85% of all pharmacists in the U.S. subscribe to Pharmacist’s Letter and over 90% of all subscribers view it as “the best practice primer.”

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  • Pharmacy Technician's Letter

    Pharmacy Technician's Letter – Helping pharmacy technicians enhance accuracy, improve care delivery, and provide optimal support to pharmacists.

    Pharmacy Technician’s Letter is the most trusted source of drug dispensing and medication safety for techs.  Written in a way that is easy to digest, it helps pharmacy technicians become more valued members of the pharmacy healthcare team by providing them with relevant, up-to-date information they can use in practice every day.

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  • Pharmacy Technicians University

    Pharmacy Technicians University – Helping pharmacy technicians go beyond certification to enhance accuracy, improve care delivery, and provide optimal support to pharmacists.

    Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU) goes beyond text-based learning to deliver the only online, interactive training and certification prep course exclusively for pharmacy technicians. Graduates of PTU develop the skill set needed to pass required certifications and move beyond typists and cashiers to become partners in delivering health care. 

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  • Prescriber's Letter

    Prescriber's Letter – Helping prescribers deliver better patient care by providing relevant, timely, unbiased recommendations on drug therapy and medication management.

    Prescriber’s Letter helps doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other prescribing professionals get to the heart of the issues around drug therapy by providing practical,  peer-reviewed, advice they can implement in practice right away.

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  • Natural Medicines

    Natural Medicines Providing unbiased, evidence-based information and ratings on over 90,000 dietary supplements, natural medicines, and integrative therapies. 

    Up to 60% of patients use alternative therapies.  Find out what works, what doesn't, and what to avoid.

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  • “I have patients who are interested in an alternative approach, who think they can stump me concerning herbal or natural products. The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database always comes to the rescue. It is a tremendous resource.” Robert W. Patterson, MD, Sanford, NC
  • “I have been getting Pharmacist’s Letter either at home or at work for more years than I care to admit to. As a Director of Pharmacy in a hospital for twenty years and as a consultant for five more, I found ‘The Letter’ an invaluable source of information.” Zaphra Paris-Reskakis, MS, RPh, New York, NY
  • “I’m so happy with my subscription to Pharmacy Technician’s Letter. I have many references and the CE is so easy to use. All I have to do is go to my ‘Technician’s CE & Training’ Organizer, and all of my requirements are listed for me.” Betty Hamilton, Pharmacy Technician, Edmonds, WA
  • “Pharmacy Technicians University is just great! After being out of school for 35 years+, it was very easy for me. It just really fit my schedule, I could go to work and log on at 10 PM if I needed to… I had a goal in mind and I achieved it.” Michelle Vick, Loves Park, IL
  • “Congratulations on the consistently high quality information that Prescriber’s Letter delivers each month. We recommend it as a consistent, reliable and lucid source of unbiased information. You are the ‘Consumer Reports’ of drug information for physicians.” Henry J. Schultz MD, MACP, Distinguished Educator, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education
  • “The CE Organizer is a very nice feature. The Live CE that you offer is incredible! The information is very relevant and being able to do this at home is fabulous! I also do the CE in the letter. Pharmacist’s Letter just keeps getting better and better! ” Carol Bell, PharmD, MS, Knoxville, TN


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